Recently Proposed and Adopted Ordinances

The Board of Supervisors are currently reviewing the following Ordinance amendments: 

The Board of Supervisors are scheduled to hold a hearing on the following Ordinance amendment on: 

The following Ordinance Amendments were recently approved by the Board of Supervisors:

An Ordinance amending Chapter 175 Subdivision and Land Development, amended the provisions regarding plan processing procedures and content of required plans for preliminary and final development applications, including a sound and vibration study and related requirements. 

A Zoning Map Amendment to rezone a certain parcel located at 6 Mill Lane identified as parcel number 42-4-59.1 from the R-1 Low Density Residential zoning district to the INS Institutional zoning district. 

A Ordinance Amendment to The East Whiteland Township Code, Chapter 154, Sewers and Sewage Disposal, Part 5, "Sewage Grinder Pumps," Containing a new article XII, "Installation, use, and maintenance" which includes new sections 154-124 to 154-132, establishing: requirements for the installation and use of sewage grinder pumps and associated low-pressure laterals; responsibilities of property owners for the proper maintenance of sewage grinder pumps; and procedures for abatement or mitigation by the township of nuisances caused by improperly- maintained sewage grinder pumps. 

A Ordinance Amendment to The East Whiteland Township Code, Chapter 154, Sewers and Sewage Disposal, Part 3, Sewer Rents, Article X, Rates and Charges, Section 154-106, Imposition of Sewer Rent or Charge, Subsection B, Unit Schedule for Availability Charge, to correct the missing number of EDU for Subsection 16. 

An ordinance amending section 200-70, required parking for specific uses, to remove the "two family dwelling, three-or-four-family dwelling" use and replace it with "two-family dwelling and single-family attached dwelling" and to remove the "five-or-more-family dwelling" use and replace it with "multifamily dwelling" and to amend the parking spaces required for those dwelling types.

An ordinance amendment related to Reduction of Permitted Density within the RMH (Residential Medium-High Density) District.

 A Zoning Map Amendment related to the requested Rezoning of the Knickerbocker Tract from R-1 (Low-Density Residential) and O/BP (Office/Business Park District) to RMH (Residential Medium-High Density) District. The subject Tract is located between Mill Lane, Lapp Road, Old Morehall Road, Liberty Drive, and Swedesford Road.

An ordinance amending the East Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance related to Steep Slope Protection.